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A practical and economical education program designed to empower you to add implant treatment to your practice.

Introduction to Implant Surgery

​More and more patients are choosing dental implants as the best long term solution for esthetics and function when replacing missing teeth. The rapid growth in dental implant procedures in recent years provides significant opportunities for dental practitioners to incorporate dental implants as a service offering. This course provides a thorough introduction for dentists who wish to add dental implant surgery and restoration services to the practice.

Course Description

In this two-day course, patient selection, site evaluation, treatment planning, surgical anatomy, implant placement protocols and restorative options are presented and discussed. Laboratory exercises include implant placement protocols, suturing techniques, and prosthetic techniques and materials. Videos of live surgery are discussed and serve to “bring it all together” at the end of the course. 


Course Objective

This course is designed to teach the dental practitioner and clinical staff the basic science, as well as the fundamental clinical, surgical, and business skills required to integrate dental implant placement into a dental practice. The participants will leave this course competent in appropriate case selection to confidently and successfully integrate implant placement into a practice.


Teaching Methods

1. Lecture, slides, and video presentations

2. Hands-on exercises placing implants


CE Credits

This course qualifies for 16 continuing education credits.



No prior experience with implants is required.