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A practical and economical education program designed to empower you to add implant treatment to your practice.

Mentor Partners

One of the most important steps in implant education is getting comfortable with new procedures. The ideal environment to accelerate learning is to perform bone grafting and implant procedures with an experienced clinician in the room. The following are providers of dental implant mentorship:

Advanced Implant Institute
Contact Dr. Geoffrey Berg at 541-990-2728 or; or visit for more information. 

Advanced Implant Mentoring (AIM) Contact Linda Iacobelli or Jeanne Ullrich at 440-845-7300,, or; or visit for more information.

Doring Dental Seminars (DDS) Contact Tammy Doring, RDH at 410-991-6735 (cell), 410-956.2505 (office), or for more information.

Eggleston Implant Institute Contact Eggleston Implant Institute at 209-634-5871 or for more information. 

Implant Immersion Contact Dr. Peter Hunt at; or visit for more information. 

Midwest Surgical Institute of Dental Implants (MSIDI) Contact Caren Irsuto at 847-398-0811 or for more information. 

Tampa Advanced Dental Solutions Contact Marie Valez at 813-872-9313 or for more information. 

‚ÄčThe Henry Schein Dental Specialties group does not provide continuing education credits for partner mentoring programs. Some of the mentor partners above provide CE credits directly. Contact your mentor of choice to learn more.